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    Now You Can Make Serious Money Stripping, Too

    DeeDee Mona Teaches You How To Make Money Stripping!

    The Book Is Here! $29 For A Limited Time

    Hey Everyone! I'm so proud that my book How To Make Serious Money Stripping is finally available.

    (Look below for three ways to buy the book, including a digital download option that can save you OVER 45% OFF the retail price!)

    Just so you know what the book is about: I show you step-by-step in complete detail how to make serious money stripping. Not chump change, and not a few extra bucks on your really good night. No, I show you how to consistently and reliably bring in $600, $700, $800 a night average and even have $1,500 and $2,000 nights.

    But people keep asking me what's in the book? How do I manage to explain all the things I know? I bet this is some incredibly long, boring read with a few insights sprinkled in.

    Not a chance! If you have a tenth as much fun reading it as I had writing it, you're in for a great time! I definitely talk about serious subjects like how to find great clubs, how to dress, how to dance, how to get awesome tips, how to keep track of your nights, how to deal with obnoxious guys, and so on. But I never want serious to mean boring. And you don't think serious money is boring, do you?

    What's In The Book

    I made sure to pack "How To Make Serious Money Stripping" with straightforward, valuable information you can use today. The book includes:

    • Over a hundred pages of money-making examples, tips, strategies, and insight you can use immediately.

    • Extensive "sales psychology" that keeps you motivated, puts in the "right mood," teaches you how to look for profitable customers, and helps you handle setbacks when they come your way.

    • 15 chapters that include "Exercise Time," since this book is very interactive! Most chapters have some sort of exercise for you to do after you’ve read the material. This helps you plan ahead and meet your goals—all so you can make money!

    Cash Management Worksheet

    • 16 "In$ide Tips" that are practical money-making or money-saving tips that you only get when you've been around the block a few times. One tip alone will save you from the common novice mistake that has cost countless girls $50, $100, or more in just a matter of minutes!

    • Over a dozen charts, illustrations, and sidebar stories to make all the exercises and examples super easy for just about anyone to follow.

    • A Personal Promotion Kit that includes a complete business card and branding template so you can promote yourself and stay in touch with customers, wherever you find them! Even if the club you're at doesn't promote well you can get the word out and find yourself some highly profitable regular customers.

    • The Cash Management Worksheet which is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that automatically calculates your income and expenses month over month, so you see your best and worst nights every time you work! This allows you to see what you're making and spending so you really manage your cash like a business.

    Table Of Contents

    Cash Management Worksheet

    • What Is Serious Money?
    • A Serious Attitude
    • Serious Reasons
    • Seriously: You're Not "A Stripper"
    • Work Serious Clubs
    • Serious Scheduling
    • Serious Preparation
    • Seriously Profitable Guys
    • Seriously, Girls: Math Basics
    • Serious Money (That Is, CASH) Management
    • Serious Self-Promotion
    • Serious Health, Beauty, & Personal Hygiene
    • Serious Moral Support
    • Avoid Seriously Shady Clubs
    • Some Seriously Effective Phrases

    Preview The Book Now

    Cash Management Worksheet

    I want to make sure you know exactly what you're getting and that it's worth the money you invest. You're a businesswoman and so am I! That's why I'm offering a free Adobe PDF preview for you to download so you can see that "How To Make Serious Money Stripping" is going to make you money.

    (NOTE: The preview PDF is about 1.5MB and will download quickly on most connections, but may take more time on a dial-up connection or your cell phone.)

    What People Are Saying

    "First of all I want to say thank you! This is exactly what I've been looking for. I've been dancing for a little over a year now and I've been doing alright, but when you gave me the Cash Management Worksheet and a way to keep track of what I was really making, it totally opened my eyes! It's crazy to think how much money I could have been making all this time."
    Jeannie, Austin TX

    "Hi DeeDee, I love the book. It's really fun to read, you're a good writer :) Anyway the specific thing that helped me the most was how you talk about different guys and what they buy (in the chapter Seriously Profitable Guys). I guess I was like you had been because I would just go up to guys and ask if they wanted a dance and when they said 'no' I took it personally. I mean, I'm a damn hot girl :) So anyway, for the last two months I've been approaching customers and figuring out if they're Facilitators, Needy-Greedys, Buyers, Regulars, and it's made all the difference! My success rate has shot up and I get like twice the dances I used to. So when are you gonna write another book?"
    Brooke, Lansing MI

    "Hi DeeDee. Well let's see, I just got started dancing about two weeks ago and your book was a godsend. I wasn't sure it would be for me, and I sure had no clue where to start looking even. I wanted to save up money for tuition, and I gotta tell you I followed what you said step by step and last night I made $740 cash! I'm really excited to save the next few months and get back to school."
    Mindy, Toronto CAN

    "I been in this business a good while and I thought I had it pretty well figured out. It's funny though cause like the first thing you say about the One Day Per Week Fallacy, that's totally me and I never really thought it was a big deal. So I went ahead and used the Cash Management worksheet for a month and damn if I ain't planning my schedule a whole hell of a lot better than I ever did. It's like I can hold myself accountable, you know? And I been making like $80, $100, $120 more per shift and that adds up. So I was skeptical but I gotta say I'm real glad I bought the book."
    Tess, Los Angeles CA

    "Well hey DeeDee, good to hear from ya! You know I wasn't sure what you had to say would apply since I don't live in the states and I figure maybe there's some cultural factors that come to play. But everything you say is spot on and works. Guys are guys round the world. And yeah I've been making quite good money since I read the book so cheers."
    Holly, Brisbane, Queensland Australia

    "Hey DeeDee! So I really prefer the digital version, it looks great and I was able to read it at school between classes which I'm not sure I'd wanna do with a book about stripping. Anyhow yeah the part that really worked for me was the stuff about getting prepared and in the Flow, because there are nights where I'm really dragging and after about a week of doing that preparation I go in ready for a great night. Wow. I just walk through the exercises in my mind and like now I'm getting amped! Thank you thank you thank you!"
    Jo, Chicago IL

    "It's fun to read, the exercises are totally relevant and useful, the Inside Tips are killer. I been working with the stuff you taught me for a couple months now and I'm making great money. There was a huge football game two weeks ago and I went home with over a grand cash. I was not expecting that. Your system just works."
    Cyndi, St. Louis MO

    "Hi there DeeDee. You know I didn't think this was going to be all that useful for me because I'm new to the business but I wasn't looking for some kind of stripper technique book. I dance in a fairly rural area where people recognize each other and the main thing I wanted to avoid was being branded as a stripper. I have to confess that your book was very helpful in allowing me to really just take the job seriously, look at it as a job, and kind of get into it so I have fun while I'm working. I wanted enough money for college and I'm on my way to funding it, so thanks."
    Lindsay, Upstate NY

    Buy The Book Today

    Whether you download or buy the digital version you get these digital resources:

    • Personal Promotion Kit. This is a complete business card and branding template so you can promote yourself and stay in touch with customers, wherever you find them!

    • Cash Management Worksheet. This is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that automatically calculates your income and expenses month over month, so you see your best and worst nights every time you work!

    Buy from Amazon and get FREE SHIPPING

    Buy from Amazon today and get free standard shipping within the USA!

    This option is for anyone who wants to buy a hardcopy of the book from Amazon. The digital version and the bound hardcopy version of the book features exactly the same content, pages, layout, and information. If you're the kind of person who likes to take lots of notes, or if you'll be reading the book on a trip or while traveling to school or work, this is for you.

    The regular retail price on Amazon is $29 and includes free standard shipping within the United States. Amazon is the most safe, secure, respected bookseller on the internet. For less than the price of three dances in a typical club you can have access to tips, strategies, and a cash management system that have taken me years to put together and have it shipped discreetly to your door.


    Now here's the thing: not everyone needs a hardcopy of the book, and not everyone wants to wait for their book to arrive in the mail. You can always read it on your computer or your iPad or print out just the pages you need. So for those girls I've setup a direct download link so you can buy "How To Make Serious Money Stripping" and download it immediately.

    And because you're downloading my e-Book as a Adobe PDF file along with the Microsoft Excel, Word, and Adobe Photoshop files included in the digital resources, I don't have to split my costs with a publisher. So, I'm passing along the savings to you. The download is pretty small (7MB--about the size of a couple MP3s) so you'll get it right away.

    This option is so simple! All you do is:

    1. Click the "Buy a Digital Download" Button below
    2. Make a payment through Google (if you don't have a Google account you can use your debit or credit card to start one)
    3. Check your email for immediate confirmation of payment and a link to download the e-Book and digital resources right away
    4. Read the book and get started making money today!

    You can get the book for $29 as a digital download immediately and get started making serious money today! That's less than two dances--you'll earn that back the first night you put the chapter "Seriously Prepared" to use! Plus you get complete support to deal with any technical or billing issues, so you really have nothing to lose.

    I think this is the best deal! Whatever format you like, the choice is yours.

    I'm eager for you to get started and put everything to use. I can't wait to hear your success stories!

    May you earn the serious money you deserve!

    DeeDee Mona

    P.S.: I hope that I can keep offering these discounts, but when my publisher tells me it's over, then it's over :(. Keeping copies of this book available has been tricky, so I hope you take the time and get your copy before prices go up or I run out of stock.

    Remember, every day you wait is a day you could have brought in $600, $700, $800 or more if you have the entrepreneurial spirit and the right guidance. I hope you'll let me show you how!

    DeeDee Mona, SeriousMoneyStripping.com - by , March 15, 2011
    5 / 5 stars: DeeDee Mona knows her stuff! She helped me make over $1,000 the first night I danced. Buy her book--it works!